Every season, youth identify problems in their environment, research them, brainstorm solutions, develop action plans, and then TAKE ACTION. Tell youth what YOU think of their community service through our Blog.


Program Model

All Solar Youth programs are based on our unique program model for urban environmental education: 

Kids Explore! Kids Do! Kids Teach!

KIDS EXPLORE!  Youth investigate the local ecology of their community through lessons, games and outdoor exploration.  Check out our BLOG for examples

KIDS DO! Youth then identify environmental issues that affect the health of people and the natural environment, and seek solutions through youth-led Community Service Action Projects (C-SAPs). Check out our BLOG for examples

KIDS TEACH!  They then teach what they learned and accomplished to others through Public Education Projects (PEPs). Check out our BLOG for examples

Each season of Solar Youth features:

  • Pre- and in-season training for teenage interns
  • Games, songs, skits and outdoor activities that help youth learn about local ecology and environmental issues
  • Out-of-neighborhood explorations that take youth to parks, museums, aquariums and other sites where they can experience environmental issues in contexts outside of their communities
  • The design and implementation of Community Service Action Projects (C-SAPs) and Public Education Projects (PEPs)
  • A Public Education Forum, where youth teach what they have learned and accomplished to other youth, family and community members